X-Men: Rogue

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X-Men: Rogue with Mystique's Power
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: R21
Standard size

Original Unmatching Background

Added 3/12/2015
Updated 3/12/2015
This is a cel from the X-Men episode "A Rogue's Tale" (Season 2, episode 9). This is from the scene where Mystique uses her powers to lure Rogue to Ms. Marvel's hospital room. This cel comes from the part where Mystique tells Rogue to absorb her memories to see what she has forgotten about her past.

This is a pretty cool cel of Rogue with another borrowed power! I like collecting cels where characters are wearing something different or holding something out of the ordinary, so different colored skin is definitely a win! I'm also very happy to add this particular one to my collection since it's from the scene where Rogue learns about her twisted past with Mystique. This episode was pretty exciting to see for the first time in the 90's because Rogue was so mysterious to us kids back then. (We were just dying to know her real name, thinking it had some sort of cryptic or meaningful message to it. It didn't. =P) Either way, it was really interesting to finally see her origin on the show, especially since she started off as a criminal who put another superhero into a coma. Definitely didn't see /that/ coming about my favorite X-Man at four years old heh, but if the X-Men could forgive her for it so could I! Anyways, I feel very lucky to own another great piece of my favorite character from such a memorable and classic episode. =)

I've also decided to add a youtube video of the scene this appears in. (Just a warning that spoilers for the episode will be included). This cel appears at about 0:43. I hope some of you viewers out there enjoy these clips! Also, my apologies for any videos that may have become broken without my noticing. I edited these myself and are from my own youtube account, so I'll try to make sure they're running. xP

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