X-Men: Wolverine

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X-Men: Wolverine Vs. Mojo
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Added 11/20/2014
This is a cel from the X-Men episode "Mojovision" (Season 2, episode 11). This is from the scene where the X-Men escape from Mojo's grasp with the help of Longshot. This cel comes from the part where Wolverine asks Rogue for a lift so he can attack Mojo with some hanging TV equipment.

This is a great cel of Wolverine getting ready to slice and dice! Adding a shot of Wolverine with his claws popped was a must-have on my wishlist, so I'm glad to have finally completed it! (Shirtless was just a bonus, a really good bonus!) When I saw this one go up for sale I liked how there was something distinct about it from the usual Wolvie shot. I was even more excited to find out it came from an episode I enjoyed watching when I was younger and was from a tag-team scene between him and Rogue to boot! My two favorite X-Men. =) Mojovision was a fun 'throwaway' episode if you will and I liked that they did parodies of older TV shows like Miami Vice. It was fun to see the X-Men get thrown around the boob tube! (Also a random sidenote: If you decide to watch the video below, one of my favorite parts of the clip is when Jean and Wolverine are teleported back from their show and are like "Hell no!" when they realize Mojo is right behind them lol. I'd run too!) Anyways, to sum this all up I'm very excited to be adding this piece to my collection! Wolverine has been one of my favorite superheroes since I was three or four so to own such a nice cel of him puts a big smile of nostalgia on my face. =)

Note: Please ignore the fact that Wolverine's skin tone is a little pinker than what the screenshot shows. My scanner isn't calibrated the best way with colors and can mess up some hues, especially pinks/oranges/reds.

I've also decided to add a youtube video of the scene this appears in. (Just a warning that spoilers for the episode will be included). This cel appears at about 0:49. I hope some of you viewers out there enjoy these clips! Also, my apologies for any videos that may have become broken without my noticing. I edited these myself and are from my own youtube account, so I'll try to make sure they're running. xP

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