Sailor Moon: Opening

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Sailor Moon: Queen Beryl OP
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: B12
Standard size
Opening Cel

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Added 11/1/2011
Updated 11/13/2011
This is a bank cel from the first opening of season one of Sailor Moon. This is from the scene where Queen Beryl smirks as she raises her arms while the camera slowly pans back to reveal her army of Youmas.

Words can not express my happiness in being able to snag this OP cel. Every cel collector knows that they have a few cels that are the pinnacles of their collection, and this is one of mine. I just feel amazed to have it in my collection. I always loved the Sailor Moon opening (I grew up with the English one of course so I'll be referring to that rendition), and one of my favorite parts was this epic scene of Queen Beryl with her long flowing gown covering the floor as she shows off her evil group of monsters. I also really enjoyed how the music slightly changed to give it that more dark and evil tone for Beryl's quick scene. (The English version has a rougher guitar sound than the Japanese one, which I have to admit I like better.)

Overall, I'm just so happy to have been given a chance to buy this one. This is one of the scenes I always liked as a kid, and to be able to own a part of one of my most favorite opening sequences of a show is amazing. ^_^

I've also decided to put up a youtube video of the intro for each opening and pseudo-opening cel I own. I've chosen to put up the English version for this one because this is the OP I grew up on. (And the fact that it is one of my favorites! I still get chills from the guitar part at 0:54.) You can see where this cel appears at about 1:05 onwards.


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