Naruto: Sasuke

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Naruto: Sasuke's Curse Mark and Fire Jutsu
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Added 9/11/2011
Updated 12/30/2011
This is a douga sketch from Naruto episode 33 "Battle Formation: Ino-Shika-Cho!". Screenshot pictured next to it. This is from the scene where Sasuke has woken up with his curse mark in effect to see that Sakura and Naruto are in danger from the Sound Village ninjas. He then goes on to protect them by attacking Zaku. This particular shot of him is when he is in the middle of using his Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu.

Ok, right off the bat I'm just going to say it - I am not a Naruto fan. I tried valiantly to stay with the series when it first premiered, but I felt that everything got so convoluted with the whole "Save Sasuke" plot and the abundance of fillers that dragged the show off course. It got to the point where I just couldn't give it my attention anymore. (I am positive the manga is better, but I'm not interested in reading it as of yet.) Any who, regardless of my feelings towards the anime as a whole, I did enjoy the first two seasons or so. One of my goals for this gallery is to get a piece of production art from each show I've enjoyed watching at some point, and that includes Naruto. When I saw this sketch of Sasuke go up on ebay, I instantly recognized it from the earlier episodes where Orochimaru just gave Sasuke the curse mark. And I knew that if I was only going to go for one or two nice shots of the Naruto characters from when I enjoyed the series, this one was going to be it! I'll just say it plain and simple: This. douga. is. AWESOME. For a character of a show that I don't really have a big emotional/nostalgic attachment to, this douga easily ranks as one of my favorites! It's just that cool. I really like how Sasuke's in the middle of using his jutsu move and the fact that his curse mark and Sharingan are in effect as well. Overall, it's a very dynamic and badass looking shot of the character, and I'm really pleased to have gotten such a nice piece to start my modest Naruto section!

I've also decided to add a youtube video of the scene in which each of my pieces of production art appears. (Just a warning that spoilers for the episode will be included). This sketch appears at about 0:38. I hope some of you viewers out there enjoy these clips! Also, my apologies for any videos that may have become broken without my noticing. I edited these myself and are from my own youtube account, so I'll try to make sure they're running. xP


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