Sailor Moon: Darien/Mamoru

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Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask With Cane
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A10
Standard size

No Background

Added 4/10/2011
Updated 11/20/2011
This is a cel from Sailor Moon of Tuxedo Mask, standing in what looks to be an attack pose.

Unfortunately I have no clue what episode/scene this cel is from, but when I saw it I had to have it for my gallery. Despite some big line fading, I think this is a very cool full body shot of Tuxedo Mask. I love how it shows off his outfit with his cape spread out behind him. My seven year old heart would always swoon when he would appear in an episode, so I'm really glad to have a great looking cel of him in my gallery. =)

Cel comes with sketch.

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Curator: 90sKid
Gallery Created: 1/17/2011
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