Dragonball Z: Goku

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Dragonball Z: Frieza Threatens Goku
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: B3
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Added 2/4/2011
Updated 2/1/2014
This is a cel from DBZ episode 97 "Namek's Destruction". Goku's smile turns to a glare when Frieza explains how he is going to destroy Planet Namek in order to win their fight. Frieza then goes on to taunt Goku about how he can breathe in space, knowing the Saiyan won't survive the aftermath of the blast without the planet's oxygen.

I love this cel because it is my first one of Super Saiyan Goku, and it's from a scene that was an important moment of battle during the Frieza saga. (Goku's unintentionally cocky expression during mid-blink is just a bonus! =D). I also really like his battle torn outfit and the sharpness of his hair due to the close up shot. Sadly the sketch is stuck to the back.

I've also decided to add a youtube video of the scene in which each of my pieces of production art appears. (Just a warning that spoilers for the episode will be included). This cel appears at about 0:54. I hope some of you viewers out there enjoy these clips! Also, my apologies for any videos that may have become broken without my noticing. I edited these myself and are from my own youtube account, so I'll try to make sure they're running. xP

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